Limitless Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is an affiliated Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu academy of the Vitor Oliveira Fight Team and the Grappling Fight Team(GFTeam). The lineage of our head instructor and of the association to which we belong descends from the Oswalda Fadda Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu lineage. We are one of the few lineages who Jiu-Jitsu comes from the same time as the Gracie Families but from a different family of Brazil. We are equally capable of our counterparts but descend from a different family of equally rich history and tradition.

The intent of our academy is to give back to the community what Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has given to us. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a much deeper art than most people realize. On the surface we award belts, compete for medals, and teach self-defense. But the reality is Jiu-Jitsu is about a more profound message. We teach people to believe in themselves. Jiu-Jitsu is not an activity you participate in that stops when you leave the gym. To truly be good at Jiu-Jitsu you must adopt a mindset and an attitude of self-belief that you carry with you everywhere in life. This is what Jiu-Jitsu has given to us as a community and we are here to share it with you.

While we are first and foremost a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu based academy we still offer (or plan to) offer other disciplines. As the school continues to expand and enrollment increases, class volume and variety will increase and diversify. For more information about the programs offered check out our programs page.

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Professor Robby Malof

Head BJJ Instructor / Head Kickboxing Instructor / Owner

Robby Malof is the BJJ Program Director and owner of Limitless BJJ. He is a BJJ Black Belt under world renowned BJJ Black Belt Vitor Oliveira. As a world class competitor, he was formerly ranked #1 at NOGI and #4 at GI Brown Belt Middle Weight in the world. With over 400 grappling wins and a myriad of wins at large tournaments Robby shares a level of experience that only a top BJJ athlete can. Whether you are looking at BJJ as a hobby or you want to be a world champion Robby has the skill set and experience to fill that desire. Robby also carries a huge passion for helping those reach their fitness goals. He also runs all the Cardio Kickboxing classes.

•  25x IBJJF Medalist
•  15x NAGA Champion
•  5x Chicago Open Champion
•  Boca Raton Open Champion
•  Dallas Open Champion
•  San Jose Open Champion
•  UAEJJF Los Angles Pro Medalist
•  World Nogi Medalist
•  ADCC Israel Champion
•  GFTeam Black Belt
•  Battle In The South Light Weight MMA Champion
•  6-0 MMA Fighter
•  5-0 Boxer
•  3-0 Kickboxer
•  Limitless BJJ & Fitness Owner

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Professor Paul Elfers

BJJ Instructor

Paul began training jiu-jitsu in 2001. He received his black belt in 2015 under the SAS team lineage. Paul believes that jiu-jitsu is for everyone - young and old, weak and strong, men and women, competitors and hobbyists. He also believes in the many aims and the benefits of training jiu-jitsu - for self defense, for competition, for fun and for fitness.

Bill Daria

BJJ Instructor

Bill started officially training in Jiu Jitsu February of 1998 in Mount Healthy at a Gracie association affiliate. His first training partners were Josh Rafferty and Rich Franklin. He then moved on to Middletown,Ohio where he trained with a lot of high level MMA & BJJ athletes like: Billy Rush, Maurice Walker, Neil Rowe, Kerry Schall and Mojo Horne. He received his blue belt in 2003 and received his purple belt in 2008. In June of 2016 he received his Brown Belt from Vitor Oliveira and Robby Malof under GFTeam. He feels very blessed to have trained with some very high level people over the years such as: Josh Souder, Dan Doerner, Gustavo Machado, Marcus Aurelio, Sean Wilson, Rich Franklin, Matt Brown & many more! With over a decade of experience Bill has a great understanding of all the basic and fundamental positions of BJJ. You can catch Bill's beginner/fundamentals class every Monday & Wednesday 5-6pm!

Phil Brown

BJJ Instructor

Phil started training in May 2011 at Impact Jiu Jitsu in Beaverton, Oregon. He received his purple belt in December 2015 and in January 2016 his one-year old daughter was diagnosed with cancer. His family relocated from Portland, Oregon to Cincinnati so she could get the best cancer treatment possible. Life can be stressful, but when Phil is on the mats whether it’s rolling, drilling or learning new techniques, It can help briefly to escape from reality. It helps to forget about those worries, recharge your mind and body. Jiu Jitsu is a great form of stress relief! Thus why Phil loves teaching and working with our beginner students!

Joel Runyan

BJJ Instructor

Joel is an instructor at Limitless BJJ. He currently holds a BJJ Purple Belt that has a lineage stemming from the Carlson Gracie line. Although coming from a lineage traditionally known for an aggressive but sometimes clumsy style his teaching is methodical and pervasive. He has a deep understanding of the physical science behind why techniques work and the physical limitations that prevent others from being effective. If you enjoy a systematic explanation for why what we do works Joel can deliver that to you in an easy to understand package.

Matthew Reed Anderson

BJJ Instructor

Matt began studying Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at a Gracie Barra affiliate in Albuquerque, New Mexico under Roberto "tussa" Alencar and Rafael "barata" Freitas achieving his blue belt. He was given his purple belt in 2016 by Robby Malof under the Grappling Fight Team. Matt currently teaches the morning fundamentals/beginners class and does an excellent job with new students! He also teaches Friday afternoons.

Michael Reeder

Kids BJJ Instructor

Michael is the kids BJJ instructor and currently holds a BJJ Blue Belt under Robby Malof. Over his 2 1/2 years he has competed and placed in both gi and no gi competitions giving him a broad understanding of Jiu Jitsu techniques. Michael enjoys working with children and gears his classes toward fundamentals and core techniques. Each student receives individual attention and are encouraged to progress at their own pace. Class often ends with games such as tag. Outside the gym Michael is a Software Engineer and Bitcoin enthusiast.

Lance Martin

General Manager

Lance is the GM of Limitless Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & Fitness, and is happy to assist you with any questions about intro classes, class schedules or memberships. Lance lives in Newport, KY and has been training BJJ for approximately 7 years. Outside of the gym, Lance is an active musician.